when you spend local you save local

When you

spend local,

it stays


when you spend local you save local





The Make Your Money Mean More program is expanding, with bold new strategies for showing consumers the direct impact of their purchases on our community.

Buying Local Makes Good Sense For Everyone

While it’s important to buy locally every day, each month we have set aside a specific day to highlight shopping locally.

In McLean County, sales tax from locally purchased services and goods are added to the annual budget and spent on services and infrastructure which benefits all residents. Each month we will be showcasing the specific areas the money flows to within the budget. Services that as residents we are familiar with and rely upon to keep ourselves and our environment safe.

August Spotlight

Fire Department

fire department

September Spotlight

Sewer System

sewer system

October Spotlight

Road Repair & Maintenance

road repair and maintenance

Buying local boosts the local economy, employees more people, and strengthens us all. Rather than picking up your device and adding an item to your cart online, first consider if you could have bought that item in a Bloomington-Normal area business instead. Familiarize yourself with the local offerings and when possible, make a visit to the store and add an item to your cart, in person.

If you’re a business owner in Bloomington-Normal, spread the buying local love and purchase your business supplies from area businesses as well. Make it a point to promote buying local within the community, you can start by sharing some of our statistics and graphics on our Media Page

Shopping Local Pays

job creation


For every $10 million spent at local brick-and-mortar businesses 57 jobs are created; only 14 are created when that shopping is done online.

boost the local economy


For every $100 spent locally about $48 goes back into the local economy. Only $14 goes back if spent online.

support your community


Local businesses are more accountable to their own communities. They’re owned by the people who live in the community and are more vested in the community’s future.

What Local Retailers Can Do For Our Economy

Local retailers serve as engines of economic activity: spending their revenue with other local businesses thereby keeping the whole community operating like a well-oiled machine.

shopping local versus shopping online

Shopping Local


Locally-owned businesses are well, locally owned. They are cornerstones of their community and have a proven track record of growing the local economy. Studies have found that through adding employees and creating local supply chains they channel about half of every dollar in sales back into the area.


Most small businesses are deeply engaged in their communities, giving almost twice as much to local causes as big businesses. They donate baskets to fundraising auctions and school carnivals, support local initiatives and are a necessary and vital staple to the local landscape. Studies show that places with vibrant local businesses have livelier streets, stronger social networks, and more active citizens.

Shopping Online


Online’s largest retailers spend next to nothing in local communities where their customers live. They don’t need a print job from PIP, catering for a staff meeting from Kelly’s Bakery, or Snyder insurance policies on its buildings. Except for the small amount the company pays to delivery drivers and third-party sellers, all the money that people spend at large online retailers leaves their local economy. Often high and dry.


Online retailers typically have no presence in the communities where the majority of their customers live. They don’t give to local charities and certainly doesn’t sponsor your kid’s little league team. They contribute nothing to our streets and neighborhoods, except maybe increasing pothole issues as trucks pull in for delivery.

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